Faction Name Abbreviation HQ (System) Reward
1. GalCop COP Sypint Battleship ship Skill
2. Mining Inc MNE Hekka Newtonian Skill
3. Royal Navy NVY Grippe Warp Navigator Skill
4. Grunt Fleet GRU Zentu Freighter Ship
5. Cargenti Order CGO Druma Transport Skill
6. Orellian Syndicate ORE Bizanti Mining ship Skill
7. Bondai Distributors BOD Loopso Master Trader Skill
8. Antimony Group ANT Prokosh Electronic Warfare Ship
9. Syersin Conglomerate SSC Midori Support Ship Skill
10. Taxikon TXI Renna Cruiser Ship Skill
11. Transmetals Group TRA Tibra Corporate Pilots Skill
12. Sinelex Venia SLV Chiba Capital Ship
13. Dust Jumpers DST Aliwen Sensor Probe Skill
14. Sola Fide SOL Washbo Destroyer Ship
15. Nudyne Meditrust NMI Eigo Interceptor Ship Skill
16. Pirates PIR Unknown N/A
17. Dangerous (Player Faction) DGR Unknown N/A

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