Commodities for each system

Scan Probe Results for each system


Core systems (rarely pirates)

Aliwen  Home of Dust Jumpers HQ - Scan Probe skill.

    Allck Hub Station
    Babozz Academy Station
    Babz Computers Station
    Baolp Pleasure Station
    Dust Jumpers HQ
    Guarn Enhancements Module Station
    Mation Ore Processing Station
    Noalla Academy Station
    Pyeri Firearms Station
    Slecki Interceptor Station
    Sleitl Pirate Station
    Ubholl Academy Station
    Umbah Legislature Station
    Urrazh Academy Station
    Vavane Destroyer Ships Station
    Zalremt Academy Station
    Zarvane Capital Ships Station

Grippe  Home of Royal Navy HQ - Warp Navigator skill.

    Bebz Hub Station
    Benarn Weapons Station
    Fennord Research Station
    Gautong Pleasure Station
    Guasc Zoo Station
    Koosong Interceptor Station
    Rehwan Ewar Ships Station
    Royal Navy HQ
    Taitche Ore Processing Station
    Tanabb Firearms Station
    The Tribunal
    Ubyob Ammunition Station
    Vaing Frigate Ships Station
    Vatong Solar Array Station
    Vonord Legislature Station
    Yient Freighter Ships Station

Washbo  Home of Sola Fide HQ - Destoyer ship license.

    Cabah Capital Ships Station
    Eceri Pleasure Station
    Naide Pleasure Station
    Pyanna Enhancements Module Station
    Rohhuff Prison Station
    Sola Fide HQ
    Sooaiq Ammunition Station
    Toalla Hub Station
    Ubid Support Ships Station
    Vaenk Legislature Station
    Waazoo Mining Ships Staion
    Witon Ore Processing Station
    Yiing Luxury Station
    Zarbah Academy Station
    Zimint Robots Station

High Security systems (very few pirates)


    Fentong Legislature Station
    Hazine Electronics Station
    Laskbozz Pirate Station
    Moion Alcohol Station
    Muend Ore Processing Station
    Nizine Pleasure Station
    Paremt Ewar Module Station
    Voarn Prison Station
    Waazan Hub Station
    Waezoo Mining Ships Station


    Andle Pleasure Station
    Ecfig Hub Station
    Gafera Transport Ships Station
    Gezeal Legislature Station
    Lewan Computers Station
    Pofig Academy Station
    Torazh Prison Station
    Uzmag Ore Processing Station


    Beaasc Battleship Station
    Inihuff Legislature Station
    Modang Weapons Station
    Panord Ore Processing Station
    Soen Pleasure Station
    Tidang Armor Module Station
    Uzgar Hub Station
    Vaent Support Module Station
    Waaolp Prison Station

Midori  Home of Syersin Conglomerate HQ.

    Allion Hub Station
    Ecinch Academy Station
    Fastan Electronics Station
    Fizland Pleasure Station
    Gastan Ore Processing Station
    Ichoasc Armor Module Station
    Keeri Frigate Ships Station
    Lakeside Prison Station
    Nistan Battleship Station
    Rehzion Support Module Station
    Sleenk Legislature Station
    Snuthy Shield Module Station
    Syersin Conglomerate Headquarters
    Womar Academy Station

Sypint  Home of Galactic Police HQ - Battleship license.

    Allen Support Ships Station
    Emiend Hub Station
    Fizvarn Freighter Ships Station
    GalCorp HQ
    Gaution Prison Station
    Muton Cruiser Ships Station
    Pysong Luxury Station
    Rahen Ewar Module Station
    Tafin Solar Array Station
    Teinch Shield Module Station
    Tiant Ore Processing Station
    Urvarn Legislature Station

Low Security systems (few pirates, 1 wingman recommended)

Bizanti  Home of Orellian Syndicate HQ - Mining ship license.

    Final Judgment
    Ginord Ore Processing Station
    Orellian Syndicate HQ
    Peho Pirate Station
    Tevane Legislature Station
    Waeland T1 Ammunition Station
    Zalisa T1 Hub Station


    Gecki Ore Processing Station
    Niwig T1 Shield Module Station
    Noolp T1 Hub Station
    Wuabba Legislature Station

Druma  Home of Cargenti Order HQ - Transport ship license.

    Allney T1 Hub Station
    Cargenti Order HQ
    Soend Pirate Station
    Veisa Legislature Station

Hekka  Home of Mining Inc. HQ - Newtonian Physics skill..

    Beastan T1 Weapons Station
    Fizkaz Ore Processing Station
    Gudal T1 Enhancements Module Station
    Laskwan T1 Hub Station
    Mining Inc HQ
    Sient Cruiser Ships Station
    Vagar Legislature Station


    Banalla T1 Support Module Station
    Bennord Farming Station
    Siid Legislature Station
    Tixir T1 Hub Station
    Zistan Research Station

Loopso  Home of Bondai Distribution HQ - Master Trader skil.

    Andckle Narcotics Station
    Bondai Distributors HQ
    Hahuff T1 Armor Module Station
    Kuvold Ore Processing Station
    Nuitl T1 Weapon Station
    Teland Legislature Station
    Tiaiq T1 Ewar Module Station
    Woisa T1 Ammunition Station

Prokosh  Home of Antimony Group HQ - E-War ship license.

    Antimony Group HQ
    Bagan T1 Enhancements Module Station
    Fithy Legislature Station
    Kuuant Narcotics Station
    Nothy T1 Hub Station

Renna  Home of Taxikon HQ - Cruiser ship license.

    Benide Slave Station
    Feho Ore Processing Station
    Hyion T1 Hub Station
    Kaenke Legislature Station
    Kezoo Farming Station
    Slecki Pirate Station
    Taxikon HQ

Tibra  Home of Transmetals Group HQ - Corporate Pilot skill.

    Banabb T1 Ewar Module Station
    Bedong T1 Shield Module Station
    Parazh T1 Support Module Station
    Taigan Legislature Station
    Teremt T1 Hub Station
    Transmetals Group HQ

Zentu  Home of Grunt Fleet HQ - Freighter ship license.

    Geho Ore Processing Station
    Grunt Fleet HQ
    Mugan Legislature Station
    Narzah T1 Armor Module Station
    Syera Zoo Station
    Tebozz Academy Station
    Wiitl Pirate Station

Null Security systems (many pirates, 2 wingmen recomended)


    Banyob T2 Support Module Station
    Saolp Pirate Station
    Vanabb Legislature Station
    Vatong Ore Processing Station


    Kodal Ore Processing Station
    Niod Legislature Station
    Uzland Slave Station
    Zithy T2 Ewar Module Station

Chiba  Home of Sinelex Venia HQ - Capital ship license.

    Gauing Pirate Station
    Kuezi Ore Processing Station
    Sinelex Venia HQ
    Wuant Legislature Station

Eigo  Home of Nudyne Meditrust HQ - Interceptor ship license.

    Ecwan Legislature Station
    Nudyne Meditrust HQ
    Rohenge Academy Station
    Soonabb T2 Hub Station


    Inivane T2 Hub Station
    Vekaz Legislature Station


    Lasksion T2 Armor Module Station
    Poabba Legislature Station
    Sokaz T2 Shield Module Station
    Toton T2 Hub Station
    Vaisa T2 Weapons Station


    Fizode T2 Ammunition Station
    Juern T2 Enhance ments Module Station
    Kavane Ewar Ships Station
    Osholl T2 Weapoins Station
    Rehstan Pirate Station
    Takaz Ore Processing Station
    Zaram Legislature Station


    Alkezi Robotics Station
    Fevarn T2 Hub Station
    Gatche Pirate Station
    Naisa Legislature Station
    Nockle Destroyer Ships Station
    Sleast Slave Station


    Hoezi T2 Hub Station
    Hong Legislature Station
    Ichockle T2 Support Module Station
    Tykaz T2 Armor Module Station


    Gafenk T2 Enhancements Module Station
    Rahstan T2 Hub Station
    Termt Pirate Station
    Vyalla Legislature Station


    Fizen Legislature Station
    Gesion T2 Shield Module Station
    Keexan T2 Hub Station
    Paod Alcohol Station


    Banle Pirate Station
    Noisa Legislature Station


    Tebozz Legislature Station
    Xuitil Transport Ships Station
    Zalbah T2 Ewar Module Station


    Alkenge T2 Ammunition Station
    Haenge Pirate Station
    Ichothy Slave Station
    Vaezi Legislature Station


    Ecdang T2 Hub Station
    Koolp Ore Processing Station
    Mefin Pirate Station
    Sainch Legislature Station


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